Coronavirus Appeal

Photo Credit: Monika Deupala / Nepal Times [permission sought]

We need your help.

Coronavirus continues to spread in Nepal. Lockdowns, fear and stigma are amplifying the suffering of already vulnerable people.

Tragically, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Nepal has exceeded 75,000, with over 400 deaths as at the end of September 2020. Around 1,000 new cases are being detected each day. Local lockdowns around the country are hurting the livelihoods of wage labourers and putting pressure on the physical and mental health of many already at-risk people.

INF is stepping up in faith, hope and love. With your support, we are coordinating with provincial and local authorities to:

  • Provide essential clinical expertise and services, with our doctors and medical professionals on standby to respond
  • Develop community information and education material [with special materials produced to serve people with disabilities
  • Support emergency relief efforts for poor and other vulnerable people including the elderly, pregnant women and people with disabilities and chronic illnesses

Your donation will help to support:

Infection prevention, control & treatmentCommunity education & awarenessRelief & support for vulnerable people

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You can also organse your own fundraising action for INF’s coronavirus appeal via our Stand Together Fundraising page.

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