Expat Recruitment Steps

Journey with INF Australia as we work for life in all its fullness for Nepal’s poor and marginalised people

“Serving in Nepal has been one of the most exciting adventures of our family’s life. Don’t hesitate and miss the opportunity to let God show you His adventure for you!”



We are looking for people who:
  • Are responding to a sense of vocation and service in God’s Kingdom.
  • Are spiritually mature, willing and able to combine their faith with their professional work.
  • Are committed to loving mercy, acting justly and walking humbly with God.
  • Are flexible [able to work outside their own culture] and committed to lifelong learning.
  • Are sensitive to the traditions, feelings and culture of Nepalis and are committed to learning and adapting to local ways of working.
  • Are open to serving long-term, and willing [within professional boundaries] to adapt to postings and roles as required.
  • Are able and willing to provide training, coaching, mentoring and other forms of support to colleagues.
  • Are effective communicators with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Are patient and able to deal with adversity.

1) Enquire & Discern

As you feel called to serve in Nepal with INF Australia, please pray for wisdom and discernment. We hope and trust that you will be willing to take steps of faith and obedience.

We support skilled workers to serve in response to the needs and requests of our partners in Nepal, so please check to see if there is a role for you.  If there is, or if you believe your skills and experience could still be of service, contact us to begin a process of discussion and discernment.

This period may last several weeks or even months.

2) Apply

If an appropriate role is identified, and the period of discernment confirms a call, you will make a formal application to serve with INF Australia in Nepal.Please note that all candidates must be proficient in English and have appropriate professional experience and a minimum of Masters level qualifications [as this is a requirement of the Government of Nepal].

Your application will be reviewed by a panel in Australia and a panel in Nepal. These discussions may identify additional training or preparation required. Medical and psychological tests are required.

INF Australia places the highest priority on the protection of children and vulnerable adults. Police checks, background checks and Working With Children Checks will be required to ensure you are committed to and capable of acting to safeguard children and vulnerable adults.

3) Prepare

INF Australia will provide resources and either recommend or require participation in training and preparation programs appropriate to your role and responsibilities. This will include some form of engagement with the Nepalese community in Australia.

We are currently unable to pay salaries to expatriate workers in Nepal, so a period of fundraising may be required to raise cost of living support for your time in Nepal. Although this may seem daunting, INF Australia has many resources to help make this as easy as possible and it opens many opportunities to encourage others in the service of God’s Kingdom. INF Australia will also help you develop your support budget and communication plans.

4) Join

When you serve with INF Australia in Nepal, you become part of the organisation in Nepal and of the expatriate team in Nepal.

Training in the Nepali language and cultural orientation is provided for expatriate workers, differing in length depending on the duration of their assignments.

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