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A fresh way to read the Scriptures together

In Nepal, just as in the Bible, there are shrines atop hills and statues of gods in marketplaces. People toil for their daily bread. Leprosy still blights the lives of many. Purity rules define who you can and who you cannot eat with. Farmers plough rocky fields with oxen and separate sheep from goats in their flocks. Believers gather in dynamic, but often pressured and persecuted, churches.

Join us this Easter to read three gospel stories alonside Christians in Nepal. 

  • Ramesh Regmi  – Pastor: Smyrna Missionary Church, Nepalgunj (Nepal)
  • Prema Roka – Project Manager: Milap (Smyrna Church's community service organisation)
  • Ben Thurley – CEO: INF Australia

Bible Beyond Borders will spark fresh inspiration and enrich our devotion as we share how the Bible comes to life in Nepal and in our own lives.

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LIVE feed with young leaders and project staff from Tikapur

Young people in Nepal are smart, ambitious and creative. Meet some of the members of an Adolescent Group facilitated by our partner, WACT, to talk about the challenges they face, how they're working together to challenge gender inequality, addiction and early child marriage, and what their hopes are for the future. 

You can ASK ANYTHING of our special guests from Tikapur so bring your questions and be ready to be inspired!

Tuesday 11 April

7.30pm AEDT


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Your chance to be part of life giving change

Walk for Nepal raises funds for critical projects in Nepal that change lives.

You can walk individually or with a group, at any time.

Choose the distance you'd like to walk, register on our site and ask your friends and family to support you. It's that easy!

You'll be helping provide health, clean water and education opportunities in one of West Nepal's most disadvantaged regions. 

The walk commemorates the 140km journey of the first medial pioneers from the border of Nepal to Pokhara, where a clinic was set up that became Shining Hospital. The facility was Western Nepal's first hospital and from these beginnings, International Nepal Fellowship was born.

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