Seasons is a powerful simulation experience for groups of all ages – developed by INF Australia’s CEO, Ben Thurley.

A session of Seasons being run

It’s a completely hands-on and immersive simulation game.

Emotionally engaging and rich in content and opportunities for personal challenge, learning and reflection, Seasons is a powerful way for Australia audiences to “walk a mile in the shoes” of people from some of Nepal’s poorest communities.

Skilled INF Australia staff and volunteers can run the Seasons simulation for the following groups:

  • Student / classroom groups of up to 40 participants (30 minutes / Ages 9 – 16)
  • Family / campus and youth groups of up to 120 participants (90 minutes / Ages 12 – 75)
  • Corporate and Tertiary Lecture / Tutorial Groups of up to 50 participants (60 minutes / Ages 20 – 50)