Community Empowerment

3 partner organisations

  • INF Nepal
  • Milap
  • Mahila Milijuli

6 districts

  • Banke | Bajura
  • Jumla | Kapilvastu
  • Mugu | Rolpa



Transformative impact

  • Improved income and health
  • Advocacy and community action for women’s rights
  • Inclusion of people with disabilities

INF Australia community projects in Nepal seek to gather, equip and empower communities to identify issues, share resources, and plan and implement initiatives to tackle poverty and injustice.

By drawing on the strengths, insights and resources of a community, we seek to ensure that our projects contribute to lasting, transformative change. For people who have often been denied a voice, or excluded from community decision making, coming together in groups can be a first step for building unity and a sense of common purpose. The individual may be vulnerable, voiceless and powerless, but can develop enormous strength in self-help groups

With patient, skilled facilitation along with advice and training in critical areas of health, sanitation and hygiene, agriculture and livelihoods, these community-led initiatives improve people’s health and income. But, equally importantly, by supporting hundreds of self-help groups across Western Nepal, we are helping people realise their own dignity, capacity and worth.

Through our gender program and support for INF Nepal’s Gender Officer, we seek to ensure that transformation in the lives of women is a priority in Nepal’s strongly patriarchal society. We aim to ensure that all those who have been marginalised and excluded, particularly people with disabilities, are fullly included in the life and outcomes of  programs we support.

INF Australia helps some of the poorest communities in Nepal achieve their potential and break the power of poverty. Basanti’s story illustrates what this has meant for one woman and her family and demonstrates that poverty is not inevitable.

Support INF Australia’s community empowerment programs in Nepal’s remote Jumla District.

By journeying with Jumla, you will play a vital part in a story of transformation for poor and marginalised people. All Journey with Jumla supporters will receive updates from the field, as well as interactive and other experiential events, bringing you the inside story of INF Australia’s community empowerment work.

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