Malnutrition is a significant issue throughout Nepal. With multiple causes, 40% of children under five suffer chronic malnutrition.

In 2006, INF’s Nutrition programme was launched to address the root issues of malnutrition. The programme is run at community level through awareness-raising in self-help groups, supporting mothers of malnourished children, and training school teachers and traditional healers.

15-month-old Trisana is a good example of how the Nutrition programme has been able to transform lives. Sick and underweight, Trisana’s parents first went to traditional healers for treatment, but without success.

A health volunteer from her village came to know about Trisana and was able to convince the family to go the INF Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre in Jumla.

After only 23 days at the centre Trisana’s weight dramatically increased from 6kg to 8.9kg. Aside from Trisana receiving medical support, her mother was also taught how to care and prepare highly nutritional food for Trisana with ready available local ingredients. Her mother said, “Before our treatment, our whole family was sad and worried about her condition, because she is our first child. After treatment, I am very happy to see that my daughter’s health has improved.”

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  • 18% of the population are undernourished or food-deprived


  • 138 – Number of cooking classes held in 2014-14 to train mothers in preparing nutritious food


  • 1140 – Number of self-help group members provided with nutrition training
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Batali tells the story of her severely malnourished grandson, Anil. Learn how INF cares for children suffering from malnourishment and how, like Anil, their lives are transformed.


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