How your money is used

Our promise to you:

International Nepal Fellowship is fully accredited with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and a Registered Charity with ACN. We carefully monitor every dollar to ensure your funds are used wisely in Nepal and here in Australia to give people the power to change their own lives. 

  • 83 cents supports projects including advocacy and education in Nepal and Australia to equip people working for change
  • 11 cents allows us to implement our projects and account for the way vital funds are used
  • 6 cents is invested back into raising funds to support people in Nepal and ensure we're sustainable for the future

1. Programs in Nepal and Australia

We support INF Nepal and other local Christian organisations in Nepal to overcome poverty and injustice among the most poor and marginalised. This includes supporting a number of skilled professionals who work beside our partners.

We prioritise projects that address the rights and needs of the poorest people in the following areas:

  • Health & Disability
  • Community Empowerment
  • Disaster Resilience & Climate Change Adaptation

We also encourage and equip Australian Christians, and people of all backgrounds, to walk alongside Nepali brothers and sisters and the communities they serve.

Through quality education and awareness programs in churches, schools and the community, we help people express their commitment to love, justice and mercy.

2. Administration & Accountability

INF Australia makes use of a small amount from each donation to ensure that we are able to effectively steward and account for use of funds and to ensure we meet the highest ethical and legal standards in the way we work.

3. Fundraising

INF Australia is passionate about growing our supporter base, raising funds to expand the reach of our work and ensuring we have a sustainable future.  We invest six cents in each dollar into these efforts.

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