Thank you! Your commitment brings change

Thank you! Your commitment brings change
Thank you so much for supporting our June appeal to bring hope to Nepal’s children and young people.

Our work focuses on the long term needs of a community who are among the hardest to reach in Nepal’s west.

Many are former bonded labourers who have only recently been able to access small plots of land to farm; traditionally they’ve been invisible to the wider community. For these people, especially for young girls and women, being equipped to speak up for themselves is one of the most profound impacts of the work.


 “From an early age, Nepali girls and women are told that it’s good to remain silent, to obey whatever is taught to you. As little girls they work as maids in houses of the landlords  and they are never asked nor allowed to express opinions.

When our facilitators encourage these girls and young women to speak it’s of tremendous importance – a woman now has her own voice and she will learn that as an individual she has her own opinions, her own dignity, the liberty to speak up, say what she feels and that she’s not bound to silence. This is the most profound personal change and opens up so many opportunities.”  Ajay Sharma, Welfare Association for Children, Tikapur.


Bibhuti, pictured above, is determined to use her voice to raise awareness about the dangers of early marriage. She’s one of the many young women your support will provide with training and encouragement to bring about the change they long to see.

We love this work! It requires patience and commitment, but it builds on the skill and determination of young people, long term, to create lasting change for Nepal’s disadvantaged communities.

Your gifts, combined with Australian Government funding thanks to our partnership through the ANCP program, will go much further toward helping Anurag and others meet their goals. Read more about the ANCP program here.

Your prayers and messages of encouragement

Alongside generous giving, INF supporters have also sent prayers and messages of hope for us to pass on to our partners and the people they work with. They write:

God bless you. And may not only your needs be met, but your lives be overflowing with good things
Ricklin, Eltham North, Victoria

To leaders of WACT, your efforts among the children in Kailali region is so important. Children who are healthy and secure have great promise for growth into mature young men and women. May God grant you much fruitfulness in your work.
 त्य़ो खोलाको किनारमा रोपेको बोटजसतै हुन्छ । जसले आफ़नो ऋतुमा फल दिन्छ
भजनसंग़ऱह १:३
Geoff and Eunice, South Granville, NSW

It is wonderful to read that the young people in Western Nepal are taking initiatives to improve life in your families and communities. May God richly bless and bring much reward through your courageous and exciting project.
With love, Helen, Mullumbimby NSW

I am a Christian teacher in Australia. I am in constant awe of the passion and capacity of young people to make a difference in their world. It will feel hard, but try not to give up. I will pray for your perseverance and your success.
Natalie, NSW

May our great Lord guard you and protect you and guide you into all truth as you love Him and your neighbours and seek to serve both.
Margaret, North Turramurra NSW

If you’d like to send a message of encouragement or a prayer to our partners in Nepal, please contact us at [email protected]

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