COVID-19 Emergency.

Nepal needs your help today.

Nepal is experiencing a second deadly COVID-19 wave with the highest transmission rate in the world. Below is a personal letter below from our INF Partnership Manager Hira Adhikari in Nepal, describing the situation and outlining the ways you can help provide critical support. Our partners are working to help local hospitals, authorities and community support teams to respond to the crisis with emergency food distribution, healthcare and psycho-social support. Please help us provide critical support to Nepalis impacted by COVID-19 today.

My name is Hira Adhikari and I work with INF in Nepal in the role of Partnership Manager Thank you for your support for our work, particularly over the last, very challenging, year.

As you know, Nepal is experiencing a second deadly COVID-19 wave. Our health facilities are very limited and this is causing great worry for all in healthcare. With a population of nearly 30 million people Nepal has less than 2,000 intensive care beds, 480 ventilators and fewer than one doctor per 100,000 people.

We currently have thousands of new infections reported each day, although with limited testing the true number of cases is certainly much higher.
Your help is needed again, as the current wave of COVID-19 is taking its toll on our small nation. The speed of infection is the highest in the world and we are doing what we can, please do join with us in solidarity.

With your help we can once again set-up food distribution centres to support patients and vulnerable families; provide PPE and medical equipment to remote health posts and isolation centres; and supporting families with information, income-support, and psycho-social care.

Plans are underway to expand COVID-19 treatment facilities in INF’s Green Pastures Hospital in Pokhara (Nepal’s second largest city) and to secure oxygen supplies and ventilators for health posts in communities remote from road access and hospital services. INF is already supporting the isolation centre in Jumla, a remote district of Nepal.

Because of our close community connections, we know those who are most vulnerable during the current COVID-19 wave. We are working to provide particular support to persons with disability, persons affected by leprosy and women led households.

We respectfully ask that you support this vital work, to help us during this critical time of need for our beloved Nepal. Your generosity at this time is very much appreciated.

And most importantly for us, please keep our work and Nepal in your prayers during this crisis.

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