Manang district in Nepal’s West was recently affected by severe flooding. Many homes, roads, bridges, buildings and crops were damaged and destroyed and some communities were completely cut off from the outside world by the floodwaters. Many people were forced to live in tents and were in danger of running out of food. INF Australia partnered with INF Nepal and with Asal Chimekee (Good Neighbour) Nepal to provide immediate relief to people in some of the most heavily affected areas.

The floods had caused so much damage that accessing these communities by road was extremely difficult, and the team knew that people were in urgent need of food. What should they do? Take the long, uncertain, less expensive journey by road, or respond to the urgent need, and deliver by air? They decided to deliver by helicopter and carefully planned each facet of the relief effort.

After everything was organised, the question left in everyone’s minds was, would the weather be clear enough to fly? Going to bed with hopeful hearts, the team joyfully awoke to a clear morning, permitting the helicopter to take off in the early hours.

After a relatively short flight, they touched down at their destination and received a warm welcome. Supplies were unloaded, and the helicopter made a total of thirteen trips across the mountainous region to deliver the emergency relief to 66 households. People, especially community leaders, were grateful that the team responded urgently and decided to deliver by helicopter rather than by road.

A local leader said, “Thank you for considering the value of the lives of the people here, and their need to survive”

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