World Leprosy Day 2019

Annakala, 70, is from Bajura, one of the most remote districts in far-Western Nepal.

Two years ago, Annakala noticed burns on her left leg, and like most people in her community, decided to visit a dhami-jhakri [traditional healer] for her treatment. Following the advice of this healer, she applied home care medication for three months, that resulted in improvements to her condition.

Annakala with visible injuries on her hands due to her illness with visible injuries to her hands

Annakala with visible injuries on her hands due to her illness

However, just a year later Annakala began experiencing loss of feeling in her hands and feet, a tingling sensation in her body, and compromised vision. She once again visited the traditional healer, and saw improvement in her fingers after one month, but no change in her eyesight or tingling sensation in her body.

After three to four months, her daughter-in-law consulted a health worker, who suspected Annakala had leprosy. Due to stigma and discrimination associated with leprosy, Annakala was ostracised from her family members and neighbours, and was forced to stay alone, far away from her house.

During a visit to the rural municipality office, Annakala’s daughter-in-law met a staff member from INF who suggested that she take Annakala to INF’s Shining Hospital in Banke for further treatment. In March 2020, Annakala was officially diagnosed with leprosy by the doctors at Shining Hospital. She was admitted for treatment due to severe complications of her hangs, legs and eyes, and was given the necessary medication to help her recover.

After months of ongoing treatment, Annakala was taken off medication and discharged from the hospital as she had made significant improvement toward recovery. Annakala and her family were trained for self-care to help Annakala manage her condition as she returned home. Annakala and her family were grateful to NF and Shining Hospital Banke staff for all their care, love and support.

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