Durga was not one of the many Nepalis who were hospitalised with COVID symptoms, but, like many others, the cascading effects of COVID placed her in a very vulnerable situation.

Durga has been using a wheelchair for almost 20 years. She suffered the amputation of both of her legs following a devastating fall while collecting food for her animals. At that time, she was referred to INF Nepal and found support and care on her path to rehabilitation.

Many years later, in May 2020, as COVID-19 had begun to reverberate around the globe, Durga suffered another heartbreaking loss. She lost her son to suicide. At the same time, she was also suffering physically with a large pressure sore that had developed.

In Nepal and across the world, lockdowns and restrictions were in place due to COVID-19. Being locked away at home, Durga was at risk of being isolated during such an emotionally painful time and in need of medical attention to heal her pressure sore.

It was in this context she received a phone call. On the other end of the line, was the friendly voice of one of the nursing staff from Green Pastures hospital calling to check in on her. This call was part of the Telehealth service run by Green Pastures Hospital to follow up on former patients. The staff member immediately recognised Duga’s distress and need for support, and organised for her to be brought to Green Pastures Hospital to receive treatment for her painful pressure sore and counseling to support her in her grief.

Many people like Durga, in vulnerable situations, are feeling the impacts of COVID-19. With such a heavy weight on the fragile healthcare system, it can be a struggle for people to find the support they need. Green Pastures Hospital’s telehealth service is providing a thread of connection and care.

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