Jesus said that the people of God are is His body, commissioned to demonstrate the love of God, especially to those in need. This is something Nepali pastor Grishma Parajuli, pastor of the Nayagaun Church in Pokhara knows very well.

The Nayagaun church is a vibrant and diverse community of about 1,000 members of various ages and is very active in caring for the community, many of who are elderly. The Chruch, seeing a great need and providing for the elderly in ways such as giving food and shelter, began to think of more sustainable and long-term solutions. A vision emerged to build a specific facility in which they could provide suitable accommodation and care for the elderly and vulnerable.

After many years of praying, planning, and many generous donations, this vision has finally become a tangible reality!

The Aged Care Centre is all on ground level with wheelchair-accessible rooms. There are five bedrooms with ensuite facilities (with a capacity of 16 residents), a resident caretaker, dining/lounge room and kitchen. An office and store are currently being completed in the two basement levels. The first floor also has space for three guestrooms and four meeting rooms of varying sizes. This facility will be a blessing for many elderly people for many decades to come.

The focus of the Centre will be on serving people with the greatest needs, and therefore unbale to afford the care they really need. Once totally complete the facility will be able to serve and care for many elderly people, only needing to cover the ongoing running costs of the facility.

Originally, the plan was to open the facility on 29 May officially, but due to COVID-19, was postponed for safety reasons and to abide by the strict lockdown that is in place. The new opening date will be announced very soon.

By caring for vulnerable, elderly, people in their community – who have often been neglected or rejected by their own families – Nayagaun Church is offering practical care and witnessing to God’s goodness and grace.

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