INF’s Green Pastures Hospital is a light on a hill – providing hope and healing for some of Nepal’s poorest people affected by leprosy and other diseases.

This Christmas you can support someone like Premkala to receive much needed medical treatment and pastoral care by giving to INF Australia’s Christmas Appeal.

Premkala was living alone with her mother when she began experiencing numbness and a loss of sensation in parts of her body. Despite visiting traditional healers Premkala’s symptoms continued, she developed sores and a fever.

Eventually she was taken to Green Pastures Hospital and diagnosed with leprosy.

“I was so young, I didn’t understand what the word [leprosy] meant, but my mother instantly began to cry and my teacher walked away from us,” recalls Premkala.

The staff at Green Pastures treated Premkala’s wounds but when she returned home she was rejected by her community, threatened with violence and discriminated against. At school she received verbal and physical abuse from her classmates. Even her teacher refused to touch her exercise books or acknowledge her in class. At the age of eleven, Premkala dropped out of school, left home, and returned to Pokhara where she began begging and seeking whatever work she could find to support herself.

Finally, staff from Green Pastures Hospital found her and brought her back to the hospital. She received medical treatment for the leprosy as well as pastoral care for her mental health. Having strangers care for her through the simple act of an embrace and gentle conversation, she experienced emotional healing. Hearing the words of Psalm 27:10 “Even if my father and mother abandon me, the Lord cares for me”, she experienced spiritual healing.

Premkala now has three children, all working and leading in their communities and churches. As well as becoming a leader in her church, Premkala is also a Female Community Health Volunteer – providing practical care for vulnerable women in her community. Premkala now wants to be a blessing to others.

Premkala’s story encaptulates Green Pastures Hospital “holistic care” as INF continues its work in poor and marginalised communities, offering healing in every aspect of life – physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

Please donate to provide hope and healing this Christmas.

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