We are pleased to present our Annual Report, detailing the transformational health, community development, and disaster response & resilience work that we supported in the last financial year.

“It is a great encouragement to turn through the pages and see so many hopeful stories,” says Cherry, INF Australia’s Communications Officer. “This is what we have been able to achieve together!”

Suraj [6] was able to improve his mobility after attending an INF cerebral palsy camp

Suraj [6] is one child who has been able to grow more into his potential with INF’s assistance. After attending a camp for children with cerebral palsy, Suraj was able to improve his mobility. INF’s annual cerebral palsy camps provide life-changing treatment and care, as well as specialised support for parents.

This is just one of the 30,200 patients who INF provided clinical support to over the past year. In the past year, Australian support also helped INF Nepal to improve income and health for over 20,000 people through self-help groups, and provide food, shelter and medical support for 14,000 people affected by large-scale flooding.

With your generous support, we were also able to support 5 Christian volunteers and their families, who provide training and support to INF Nepal in education, health and financial management.

In addition to reporting on the impact of our work, the report accounts for how we spent our money. We are happy to say that this year, we sent over $1.6 million to Nepal, an increase of $400,000.

“We hope that you, our faithful supporters, are inspired and encouraged,” says Cherry. “Thank you for all the wonderful ways you contribute to our work!”

You can read the Annual Report online here, or pick up a copy from our office in Chatswood [all donors will be mailed a hard copy].

We would love your ongoing support – if you’re inspired by what you read, you can donate here

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