INF Australia has just launched its own standalone website, It’s a very exciting development which will give us new opportunities to promote our work in Australia, more freedom to speak of our Christian identity and involvement with churches, and will help us be more accountable and transparent about our work.

For many years, our site has simply been a series of pages within the site – which publicises the work of INF Nepal and INF International. It’s been an efficient way to share news about INF’s work and we are all a family of organisations aimed at supporting the work in Nepal. However, INF Australia is a separate organisation and one of our key tasks is to reach out to the Australian community to invite them to share and support INF’s work in Nepal, so that poor and marginalised people can come to experience lif in all its fullness. The new website will help us do that in a number of ways.

First, with a tighter focus on our team’s work in Australia, we can highlight engagement opportunities for Australians. From news, to events and webinars, to fundraising appeals, we’ll be able to make these more prominent on the site.

Second, we will be better able to highlight the work that INF Australia supports directly. The Australian Government and public want to know about the programs that we support, as an Australia-based organisation. On the new site, it will be easier to see which programs are supported directly by INF Australia, rather than losing the thread in the much larger work of INF Nepal.

Finally, while we’ll still be sensitive to the protection of our brothers and sisters in Nepal, and we work with all people without bias or discrimination based on religious identity, the new site will allow us to be a little more public about our Christian identity and clearer about the ways we engage with churches and Christian groups in Australia.

It’s been a time-consuming change, but not a costly one, because the core site and its design are good ones. You’ll see a few change to the site over time as develop more content. We’d love to hear your feedback about the new

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