Are you a congregation, small group or family looking for a way to combine your resources to make a bigger impact for Nepali people? We’re pleased to present our Partnership Opportunities booklet!

What can your support achieve?

$2700 can help provide essential material to three Health posts/Community Health Units

$4,500 can help run an outreach medical camp to diagnose leprosy cases

$5,500 can train 3,000 counsellors in the Kathmandu Valley to support people at risk of suicide and other mental health issues

$3,800 can construct a concrete tank to elect rainwater in a drought stricken area of remote Nepal

$1,600 can help support technologies/materials for establishing smokeless stoves in 20 households

$22,000 can provide the annual salary for one acute and emergency paramedic at Green Pastures Hospital

Download your copy here  or read all about it below in our web magazine.



From our project participants: your support matters!


“We have developed knowledge on environmental and climate-smart agricultural practices. On Top of that we also have learned some skills for income generation, food and nutrition security, forest/soil conservation etc. After the training, getting the seeds and making an action plan to establish one home and one kitchen garden… I feel healthy by consuming fresh vegetables; I reduce the cost of my kitchen and have planned to sell some fresh vegetables in the market.”

Local farmer, Prema Chadara

“For the first time we celebrated Women’s Day in Ward No 1 and I participated in the program to help us with our health.” Member of Mothers and Community Development Groups, West Rukum.

“When we first started, life expectancy was about 28 years and leprosy was present in 1-2% of the population. No one was there to assist. INF has managed to achieve a lot but we still have a long way to go… hundreds of thousands of people still I’ve with leprosy and disability and there aren’t many hospitals like INF for these people.” Dr Arun, Surgeon and Director of Green Pastures Hospital.


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