Dhan Bahadur Gharti Magar is 52-years-old and supports a family of 16 as a farmer in Rolpa District. Providing enough food for so many people is a daily challenge. Dhan joined a Self-Help Group when INF first began working in Rolpa. He participated in a three-day climate adaptation vegetable farming training session as part of INF’s broader climate change awareness raising work in the area.

As a result, Dhan gained knowledge and new ideas for his farming. The increased temperatures from climate change had created some planting opportunities. Previously he had only planted potatoes in the rainy season but the changing climate meant he could now grow potatoes in winter as well. It was no longer too cold for the potatoes to grow; in fact he can now produce them all year round. He also started cauliflower and cabbage farming by using waste-water and his vegetable farm is now producing enough to feed his family and sell at the local bazaar. He is now able to support his children’s education. Dhan has also been a positive influence to other farmers in Rolpa to adapt their farming practices.

By integrating adaptive strategies into its Community Health and Development work INF is helping Nepalis tackle the affects of climate change and natural disasters head on.

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