INF has always placed a special emphasis on protecting the most vulnerable people – women, children and people with disabilities. This priority becomes even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is putting more people in Nepal and around the world at risk of exploitation, neglect or abuse.

As part of our commitment to the dignity and rights of every person, INF Nepal has developed a Code of Conduct for the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment. The Code of Conduct provides clear definitions of what constitutes exploitation, abuse and harassment and commits us (and the other NGOs who helped develop it) to preventing, investigating and putting an end to these things wherever they might occur.

Working together with other organisations in Nepal, this initiative came about through the POWER project, funded by INFA Australia. By raising awareness, and committing to clear standards, our organisations have declared: “Respecting Women and Girls from all sections of the society is our motto”.

The Code of Conduct was shared with the Australian Embassy in Kathmandu, earning praise from Embassy staff, who wanted to make sure that all other organisations working on projects supported by the Australian Government were aware of the Code of Conduct.

By raising awareness and making this clear statement, we hope to raise awareness, change attitudes, and help make sure that all people experience the dignity and security which is their God-given right, free from terrible harm.

*The POWER project receives support from the Australian Government through the ANCP Program.

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