People’s health needs during the COVID-19 pandemic go beyond infection prevention and treatment. People with disabilities are unable to access rehabilitation and therapy support. Children miss out on critical health and developmental milestones such as vaccinations, schooling or early childhood education. Families experience hunger and vulnerability as their incomes drop dramatically. People struggle with anxiety and depression in the face of disruption and uncertainty.

INF has always sought to provide holistic health care through our hospitals and clinics, community-based rehabilitation, nutrition and maternal, neonatal and child health programs. During the pandemic, we are being challenged to find new ways to support vulnerable people and to promote physical, mental and emotional health across Western Nepal.

INF’s communications team have been working with the provincial government and the World Health Organisation to develop communication resources to promote health and hygiene messages. We have developed a series of videos for people with disabilities focusing on personal care, rehabilitation and hygiene. Another video provides encouragement and support for families to share essential health lessons with children and to adopt play-based learning to support their children. A radio jingle currently airing in Gandaki Province encourages people with ways to manage stress and anxiety.

An exciting new program is a telehealth and tele-rehab program, developed by Green Pastures Hospital [GPH] with support from the World Health Organisation. In consultation with the relevant doctors, GPH’s nurses and peer counsellors are able to provide support and advice to people with disabilities who are former patients. This outreach provides not only practical care but also a much-needed experience of love and cares for vulnerable people in these challenging times.

Poonam provides telehealth support for former patients of INF’s Green Pastures Hospital

The series of video can be found here:




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