Sita Nepali has lived in poverty her entire life. She is now in her early thirties and slowly she is beginning to make real change working with one of INF’s grassroots partner organisations.

Sita’s father died when she was very young. The family regularly went without regular meals and Sita was unable to attend school because they couldn’t afford the school fees.

In addition to these difficulties, Sita was discriminated against because of her physical disability. The stigma associated with disability in Nepal saw residents in Sita’s village call her hurtful names and ridicule her. Regardless Sita worked to earn money for the family selling firewood she collected from a nearby forest.

In recent years Sita met with a community worker with the Nepal Disability Upliftment Society, a partner organisation of INF Nepal. She joined a Self-Help Group and began attending monthly meetings. Being part of this group changed Sita’s life. She began depositing small amounts of money into the groups’ savings program and was soon able to take out a loan and establish a small goat-rearing business.

Initially, she purchased one goat, now she has five and a solid income every few months. Sita had an incredibly low self-esteem and had felt so much shame from her situation. She didn’t want to even say her name in front of other people.

Today she spends her days building the goat business and raising awareness about disability.

Joining this group has changed my life and given it meaning for the first time,” says Sita. She now confidently introduces herself and feels happy about her new life.


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