Green Pastures Hospital Rehabilitation Centre

Mohan, 12, is from Chaurjahari in mid-western Nepal. Like most children his age, Mohan was involved in academic and sporting activities that would help shape his future.

In 2019, Mohan was on his way home from school, when he was involved in an accident with a heavy vehicle, that resulted in serious leg injuries.

Mohan prior to receiving his prosthesis

Mohan prior to receiving his prosthesis

Mohan underwent surgery where both his legs were amputated, leaving him wheelchair bound and dependent on others to get around. With so much time spent in hospital, Mohan was also forced to drop out of school.

Mohan‘s family were extremely worried about his condition, however were unable to do more due to their poverty.

After being referred to Green Pastures Hospital in Pokhara by their local doctor, Mohan and his father Naini, travelled five days by bus to meet with the team. After eight months of intense training, rehabilitation and support from the hospital staff, in January 2020, Mohan was able to stand on two feet again thanks to his new prosthesis.

Naini is grateful to the hospital for all the support and care that was provided to Mohan during this difficult time. He is also thankful for the wheelchair and crutches that were provided to his son when he needed them the most. Mohan and his family have a new sense of hope and happiness, and Naini looks forward to enrolling his son in school again at the start of the new session.

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