With the announcement of ‘lockdown’ in the country on the 24 March 2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19, INF hospitals needed to halt outpatient services. Many inpatient services were also placed on hold.

The travel restrictions prevented persons with disabilities and people affected by leprosy from leaving their homes for ten consecutive weeks and thus unable to access health facilities. Chandra Kala [55, F], from Gorkha district, is one of those severely affected.

Chandra contracted leprosy a few years ago. She felt tingling in both hands as an early symptom. Having visited several other hospitals without getting a proper diagnosis, Chandra visited INF’s Green Pastures Hospital in 2019, where she was diagnosed and started receiving the correct treatment. Chandra started Multi-Drug Therapy [medicine] treatment, and her condition improved gradually, but during the lockdown, she could not replenish her supply of medicine.

As a consequence, Chandra lost sensation/feelings in her hands and legs and became bedridden. The family was desperately seeking care; it took five months for Chandra to be able to come to the hospital and restart her treatment. Chandra is feeling better now. She can walk again and look after herself.

To provide a medical response to patients like Chandra, INF Nepal has started a Tele-medicine service, reaching out to stranded patients with medicine and supplies, helping to cure and prevent disabilities.

“I worried a lot about my health condition during this lockdown, and my family couldn’t afford to hire an ambulance and almost lost hope about receiving treatment”

Watch her video:


To learn more about INF’s leprosy fundraising campaign, please visit: www.inf.org/careforcure

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