Dinesh Tamang, a 40 year-old man from Lapa in the mountainous north of Dhading district, is responding to Nepal’s COVID-19 crisis. Lapa and neighbouring communities lack road access and have limited facilities for quarantining, support and isolation for people suffering from COVID-19.

Through a local NGO, Singla Tourism Area Development Society (STADS), Dinesh was able to coordinate with local government to make arrangements to procure and transport oxygen cylinders, PPE, oxygen concentrators and other equipment to establish isolation and treatment centres for these remote and difficult-to-access communities. INF Australia is blessed to be able to partner with STADS and Dinesh in this urgent response.

Dinesh’s heart and his work were known to us, as he had previously worked with a partner organisation of United Mission to Nepal. He had also coordinated a local response to the devastation caused by Nepal’s 2015 earthquake, constructing 55 houses for people who had been made homeless by the disaster.

Within days of receiving funding, STADS began delivering supplies to three isolation centres in remote communities near the mountains in Dhading’s northern region. Recently, Dinesh has forwarded a few short videos captured on mobile phone, showing these supplies being delivered with amazing care and effort. With community transmission still occurring in these communities, these resources are making a tangible difference to local people. The videos can be viewed at inf.org.au

Dinesh, along with all of INF Australia’s partners in Nepal, understand a simple and powerful truth. We are all in this together. God created us to be dependent on Him above all, and also to be in relationships of mutual interdependence and care with each other.
Every person is created in the image of God, with something to offer, unique and precious in God’s sight. When we work together, we find joy and abundant blessing in working to care for others.

It was Jesus’ prayer that His people would be united as one in love and compassion. Unity is not uniformity but a choice and a calling to act together in all our diversity and difference to show love in action.

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