Speak Up For Nepal

Ask the PM to support Nepal’s COVID response and break the barriers that are restricting global vaccine production & distribution.

Nepal, along with many poor nations, is suffering

Delta, and potential new variants of the coronavirus, is racing through communities with limited access to vaccines and poorly-resourced health care systems. Only around 7% of Nepal’s population have received even a first vaccination dose.

Nepal’s history is one of hardship and struggle, yet this pandemic is pushing even us to our limits. I have called on the international community to help us with vaccines, diagnostic tools, oxygen kits, critical care medicines and equipment, to support our efforts to save lives.

KP Sharma Oli, Prime Minister of Nepal

The Australian Government should do three things right now to help Nepal and boost global efforts to end the pandemic.

  1. Provide essential medical equipment and resources – such as ventilators, oxygen concentrators and PPE – as well as additional funds to support Nepal’s medical response.
  2. Increase direct funding and provision of additional vaccine doses to the COVAX facility – noting that Australia’s fair share contribution to COVAX’s Advance Market Commitment is $200 million in 2021 – to support equitable vaccine access globally.
  3. Support India and South Africa’s proposal temporarily suspend WTO trade rules which prevent or restrict manufacture and distribution of vaccines, diagnostics, and treatments to fight COVID-19.

Please tell Prime Minister Morrison to take action now.

Read our joint letter to the Prime Minister

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