International Nepal Fellowship [INF] Lent reflections by Naomi Reed

–A walk through the Gospel of John

Thank you for joining us at INF as we pray and read the Gospel of John together in the lead up to Easter. Every five days, from Wednesday 14 February to Saturday 31 March, we will publish a Lent reflection from the Gospel of John, written by Naomi Reed [INF Ambassador], with images from Nepal by Stephen Reed. Our prayer is that you are encouraged as you pray and reflect on what God has done for us through Jesus.

1. Setting out – John 1:1–51

The story of God, as recorded in the Gospel of John, is incredible. I love the way it begins, with God himself, and the Word [Jesus], and there they were, the Godhead, and they were enough, on their own.

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2. Notice the signs – John 2:1-23

There is something fascinating that happens very early in the Gospel of John. Jesus appeared at the Jordan River, the people began to follow him… and then, three days later [almost immediately], Jesus revealed to them his glory, via a sign.

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3. Living water – John 4:1–42

The story is so familiar to us. Jesus was on his way north to Galilee, and he happened to stop at Jacob’s well, in Sychar. He was tired from the journey, so he sat down…

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4. Finish the work – John 5:1–46

There’s a compelling story in John chapter 5. Jesus went to the pool of Bethesda and he saw a man lying there who had been an invalid for 38 years.

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5. The Good Shepherd – John 10:1–42

The thing about sheep is that they’re defenceless. They don’t have claws or talons or spikes. They’d be hopeless if a bear arrived, or a tiger. They don’t have speed or strength of limb, or anything else to protect their woolly hides.

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6. Waiting – John 11:1-62

We often see waiting as a difficult thing, a negative time, where our moments, or our days, are being wasted.

What if they aren’t?

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7. They cried Hosanna – John 11:1–62

For many of us it’s been a while since we let our hearts rejoice in a completely wild, uninhibited way.

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8. Condemned – John 18 and 19

Imagine knowing everything that was going to happen tomorrow.

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9. Agony – John 19

I often think of that old song, ‘Were you there when they crucified my Lord?’

And I say, no, I wasn’t there, at the cross. I don’t think I could have borne it.

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10. Joy – John 20

We don’t get to joy easily. And we shouldn’t. There is a pause.

The first time our family watched the ‘Jesus’ film, it was back in 2001.

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