INF Australia Ambassadors & Reps

INF Australia ambassadors work in their churches, schools & communities to inform and inspire others to share and support our work to bring life in all its fullness for Nepal’s poor and disadvantaged people and communities.
With unique training opportunities & personal support, this is a powerful way to raise awareness about INF’s work and to provide practical and engaging ways for people to take biblically-informed action for and with people in Nepal who experience poverty and injustice.

Every church or community is different, and every person’s time and capacity to volunteer varies, so there is no “one size fits all” position description for an INF Ambassador.

Some of the key activities of our Ambassadors are:

1) Sharing about INF’s work (through INF resources, speakers and simulation games)

2) Mobilising prayer for INF’s work through prayer news or organising a local prayer & action group

3) Speaking up through INF Australia campaigns on issues of global justice which affect our Nepali neighbours, such as human trafficking, climate change or freedom of religion and belief in Nepal.

4) Fundraising to support INF’s work, using our creative and engaging resources.

5) Promoting our annual, transformative Vision Trips to Nepal.

If you’d like to know more about becoming an INF Ambassador: Ambassador Description (pdf) or contact the office [02] 9411 1195 or [email protected]



Our state & regional representatives are volunteer leaders who help plan, coordinate and implement strategies to represent and promote INF Australia in their region or state.

They work with the staff team to identify, take up and review opportunities to represent and promote INF and also may offer support and encouragement to INF ambassadors in their state or region.

If you’d like to know more about becoming an INF State or Regional Representative: Reps Description (pdf) or contact the office [02] 9411 1195 or [email protected]

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