Help build a Birthing Centre

"I know too many women who are afraid to give birth. Please help us build a Birthing Centre to keep mothers and babies safe."

Nasri, West Rukum

3 deaths*

Per 1,000 births (Aus)

24 deaths*

Per 1,000 births (Nepal)

*Child mortality rates - Australia and Nepal

In West Rukum, one of Nepal’s most remote and disadvantaged communities, too many pregnancies end in tragedy. 72% of mothers deliver without medical support at home - the alternative is a two day trek through the mountains to the nearest health post. The risk of death to both mother and baby is high. 

Our partner Shanti Nepal has plans to build a Birthing Centre in the community that will save lives. 

The Birthing Centre is part of a wholistic project working with the community of Aathbiskot in West Rukum. It includes health and hygiene, safe water and support to increase food production and income. 

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