School Partnerships

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Connecting Australian students with Nepal and God’s world

INF Australia partners with schools to offer unforgettable experiences, engaging teaching and school resources, and profound service opportunities in both Australia and Nepal.

  • Experiences in global mission
  • Poverty & justice
  • Service & advocacy opportunities
  • Experiential learning and engaging school resources


Experiential Learning

Simulations & Classroom Resources

INF Australia’s simulation games are engaging, hands-on ways for students to explore global issues, develop cross-cultural understanding, and ways to respond

  • Seasons an intense and highly interactive simulation that puts students in the shoes of Nepali villagers.
  • Life Auction is a fun, thought-provoking and fast-paced game guaranteed to kickstart discussion on justice and global poverty.
  • More simulations being developed…

INF Australia’s experienced teachers can also provide curriculum-relevant content across multiple subjects.

Email us to book an INF speaker or teacher, order resources, or find out more about our simulations.

Book a Seasons simulation event:


Service & Advocacy

Service & Advocacy

INF Australia has service opportunities in Australia to support the INF Australia office and to connect with Nepalese community groups as well as Bhutanese refugees.

Many schools support our life-saving and community-transforming work in Nepal through our flexible fundraising program.

Vision Trips & Treks

INF Australia’s vision trips & fundraising treks offer school groups a chance to see our incredible work firsthand, partner with schools in Nepal, experience Nepal’s beauty, and grow in faith, hope and love.

Email us for more information about our simulations or vision trips

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