Why is your gift to our tax time appeal so important?


1. You can help us extend the reach of our programs up to six times.

INFA is a valued partner of the Australian Government, receiving flexible funding under the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) and other programs to carry out poverty alleviation, gender equality and climate change projects overseas. Each international organisation is assessed to determine how much funding will be made available each year.

The criteria includes:

  • Lasting impact for the hardest to reach and most disadvantaged communities in which we work
  • Rigorous financial accountability, transparency and value for money
  • Commitment to evaluation and continuous improvement of programs
  • The trust and loyalty of supporters, measured through their willingness to invest in the work personally

Each organisation must pledge to raise at least $1 for every $5 made available in ANCP funding. When allocations are made to various organisations each year, the ‘pool’ of funding they can access is linked in part to what they raise from their own donors at a ratio of five to one.

In practise, this means that your donation to ANCP projects has the potential to help us increase – up to six times – our reach long term.

2. You add your voice to the call to invest in international aid.

Australian Governments are keenly interested to observe how important the issue of international aid is to its citizens. While prayer and volunteering are a significant part of showing support, generous donations from the people who know us best and believe in our work sends a powerful signal to our leaders about what Australians want to invest in.

3. You help our partners plan with confidence for their projects in the coming financial year.

When you help us finish each financial year strong, we’re able to give our partners a clear idea of what kind of support will be available for the coming year so they can plan with confidence. This is critical given that so much of their work is long term, requiring consistent commitment of funds and people.

For these reasons, your gift to projects highlighted during our tax appeal are very significant.

Thank you so much for your donation.

INFA gratefully acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) and other programs.

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