Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor a Woman in a Self Help Group

Why Self Help Groups change lives:

  • Self Help Groups equip their members with the skills and confidence to find lasting solutions to their own challenges
  • Challenges include insufficient food or water sources, sickness, vulnerability to human trafficking, and inability to afford medicine or education for children
  • Our partner staff set up the groups and nurture them until they're self sufficient. They help groups understand their strengths, encourage them to raise their voices for change and to advocate for their rights
  • Groups participate in training in practical skills like animal husbandry, better farming techniques, saving, budgeting, clean water and sanitation 
  • They gain confidence to advocate for available services, pensions, scholarships and resources giving them more control over their own futures

$50 can pay for a woman to be part of a Self Help Group for 12 months


Sponsor a Women's Small Business

Why small business start ups change lives:

  • Women in many communities have very little opportunity to shape their own lives. They're often dependent on income provided by family members
  • While women shoulder the burden for family, field and food production, they often have no support to carry out these responsibilities and little opportunity to create any independence 
  • Small businesses give women independent income that they often invest back into children's education or medicine for the family
  • Small business training, including knowledge of best practice agriculture and animal husbandry, also improves the health of the whole community as eggs, milk, meat and fresh vegetables become more readily available

$230 can provide training to start up a small business


Salary for a Community Development Worker

How Community Development Workers change thousands of lives:

  • Our partners train Community Development Workers to take part in studies of remote communities to determine their suitability for projects
  • They bring people together to discuss strengths and challenges and help design interventions that will create change
  • Community Development Workers set up and recruit for Self Help Groups and then provide training in small business development, agriculture best practice, marketing, book keeping and advocacy
  • They help select leaders for the group and mentor them until they're ready to lead independently
  • Community Development Workers then move onto the next area, a model that creates change for thousands of people

$3,400 can pay the salary of a Community Development Worker for a year


$123 Hospitality Sponsorship Package

Food and drink is an essential part of Self Help Group recruitment and training:

  • In Nepal, hospitality is central to building trust and maintaining relationships. Eating together is an important part of every Self Help Group training session
  • In remote areas, our partners struggle to provide food for people who may have travelled a long way to attend sessions
  • Food in these areas can be expensive, inflated by transport costs and isolation
  • As a small business or individual, when you support a Hospitality Package for our partners, you're lifting an expensive burden from our partners and creating an environment in which people build life changing relationships

$123 can provide food and drink for group training sessions throughout the year


Our promise to you

International Nepal Fellowship is fully accredited with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and a Registered Charity with ACN. We carefully monitor every dollar to ensure your funds are used wisely in Nepal and here in Australia to give people the power to change their own lives. 

How we use your donation:

  • 83 cents supports projects including advocacy and education in Nepal and Australia to equip people working for change
  • 11 cents allows us to implement our projects and account for the way vital funds are used
  • 6 cents is invested back into raising funds to support people in Nepal, grow the reach of our work and ensure we're sustainable for the future
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Other ways to give

Offline donations – credit/debit card, cheque or money order

Please mail your donation details to INF Australia, PO Box 708, Crows Nest, NSW, 1585, Australia.

Please make cheques payable to “International Nepal Fellowship Australia.

Donations can be also made over the phone during business hours on [02] 9411 1195.

Direct bank transfer

To send money to INF Australia via direct bank transfer (Electronic Funds Transfer) or to set up a direct debit to INF Australia’s bank account, please contact us on [email protected] or [02] 9411 1195 for further instructions.