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INF Australia community projects in Nepal seek to gather, equip and empower local people. From a strong base, communities can identify issues, share resources and create the change they care about most.

"We've not really seen this before..."

Cost of living pressures are forcing women, as well as men, to leave their children and seek work outside Nepal.

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We believe in starting with the strengths, insights and resources of the local community.

For people who have often been denied a voice or excluded from community decision making, coming together in groups can be a first step for building unity and a sense of common purpose. Alone, individuals may be vulnerable, voiceless and powerless. Together with others, they can have enormous strength.

Our partners are patient, skilled facilitators. Through Self Help Groups (SHGs), they provide advice and training in critical areas of health, sanitation and hygiene, agriculture and livelihoods across Western Nepal. The groups not only improve health and income - they help people realise their own dignity, capacity and worth.

The empowerment of women and girls is one of our top priorities.

In a highly patriarchal society, our gender programs give women the opportunity to learn and lead. We're committed to making sure that all those who have been marginalised and excluded, particularly people with disabilities, are fully included in the life and outcomes of the programs we support.

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INF Australia helps some of the poorest communities in Nepal achieve their potential and break the power of poverty.

Basanti’s story illustrates what this has meant for one woman and her family.

Poverty can be overcome.

Your gift will support people as they create livelihood opportunities, increase their income and improve their health.