Community Transformation Project (CTP) Kalikot

"My Self Help Group has taught me so much about gardening, sanitation and savings.

I thank INF from the bottom of my heart."

Absara, Kalikot

Life in Kalikot

57% of people in Kalikot live below Nepal’s poverty line of 50c a day. Cut off during the monsoon for many months, people either attempt to grow their own food or survive on what family members can send back from their work across the border in India.

There are many determined and creative young people and families, but the region currently faces a triple threat:

  • Changing climate has increased floods and droughts, making it harder to grow food
  • The ongoing impact of COVID-19 prevent many from traveling out of the country or making an income elsewhere to send home to their families
  • A worldwide economic downturn driven by the pandemic and conflict has increased prices and reduced supplies of everything from fertiliser to fuel.

International Nepal Fellowship began working in Kalikot last year with the aim of improving health, income and education particularly for women and girls. They made great progress, installing much needed clean drinking water facilities to serve 1500 and starting 90 Self Help Groups that currently reach 1966 people.

Progress Report Jan 2023

Total participants - 4093

  • 7 schools supported for repair/construction of drinking water scheme in school and community to increase access for people with disability and children 
  • 90 SHGs supported with mask and hand washing facilities  for  protection from COVID 
  • 1719 people participated in sessions on prevention, reduction and response to violence, abuse and exploitation of children
  • 40 people received savings and credit training 
  • 40 girls and women trained on reusable sanitary pads using local materials 

In 2023, this project is supported by donors to International Nepal Fellowship Australi and the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). 

Absara's story

I am Absara Budha, I am 37 years old.

I have two sons, three daughters and a husband living with my parents-in-law. We are a total of 9 family members. My profession is subsistence farming- I have reared one buffalo in our house and I work as a daily wage laborer for a living.

Last year INF Nepal coordinated us to begin a self-help group (SHG). We meet twice a month to discuss problems and finds solutions for the group and the community. We also  collect money for the emergency fund to provide urgent support to SHG members, who are desperately in need of money.

Read Absara's story here

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