CONNECT Program update July 2023

With your help we've raised the funds required to support the CONNECT project for the next twelve months.

Thank you!

The CONNECT project is just one among several similar Self Help Group oriented projects we  support through partners in Western Nepal. 

All funds raised in excess of this financial year's budget for this particular project will be allocated to similar projects in the region. And of course, we need ongoing funding to help these partners expand, improve and continue their projects. So if the idea of funding Self Help Groups has caught your eye, please do keep giving!

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What will the project deliver?

The Connect Project is a comprehensive approach to the development of whole communities, drawing on strengths to address challenges.

Networks of dynamic Self Help Groups, many led by women, meet to share knowledge, encouragement and resources.

At least 1500 people will directly benefit from the groups, with many thousands more impacted within the community.

  • 95% of Self Help Group members will be able to earn an income and save through small business start ups
  • Every child between the ages of 5-18 of Self Help Group members will be in school, completing at least to Grade 10
  • 15% of Self Help Group members will hold leadership positions on local government, NGO Boards, Councils, school advisory boards
  • All members of Self Help Groups will know how to access pensions, scholarships and grants for people with disabilities, widows and other vulnerable people
  • People in communities who have disabilities will be included in groups and leadership opportunities

What will the project cost this year?

Salaries for four leaders to train, nurture and set up Self Help Groups$13,824
92 Training events for Self Help Groups - bookkeeping, agriculture, livelihoods, health and sanitation$21,200
Rent, electricity, stationery, computer & internet for one year - Project HQ$1,538
Transport for events/staff training$1,624
Food for participants$123
Total cost to support more than 1500 people in 75 Self Help Groups$38,309

Challenges to overcome in Bardagoriya, Kailali

In the West, where the CONNECT program is in its second year of implementation, the plains of Kailali district stretch as far as the eye can see, broken by wide rivers and forest. A diverse range of ethnic communities all with distinct cultures, languages and traditions live in the area, along with  endangered species such as Bengal tigers, one-horned rhino and swamp deer inside protected Park areas.

While its possible to grow crops like rice, maize, wheat and millet, as well as fruits like mangoes, bananas and papaya, the heavy rainfall lends itself to extensive flooding and landslips, making life precarious for many. 

Status of women

With many men forced out of the area to find work in other parts of Nepal, India, the Gulf or South Korea, the burden of home, family, animals and crops falls on women.

The challenges are significant and include lack of access to clean water, education opportunities, exploitation by landlords and illness.

95% of households can't survive
on the income sent from abroad

2023 Sponsorship Packages for Self Help Groups

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