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Not the story we expect...

Beauty, playfulness, joy - the parts of the story we overlook when we focus on charity instead of solidarity.

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Young leaders unite against chhaupadi

Nobody should die simply for having a period - young leaders are speaking out

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Do goats really save lives?

3 ways NGO's can speak more carefully to win the trust of supporters

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Geetu the Gifted Goat

What's behind the scenes of that goat gift you got for Christmas?

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A group of Nepal people in a remote community demonstrate the working of a new tap

Model Villages

"If you can't see it, you can't be it" - how designated 'model villages' are inspiring change in remote Western Nepal

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It starts with a voice

Generations of bonded labourers find freedom and a voice through the encouragement of our partners

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"We've not really seen this before..."

Cost of living pressures are forcing women, as well as men, to leave their children and seek work outside Nepal.

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How can you make your donation go further?

This end of financial year, we can make your donation go up to six times further creating change for people in poverty

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Pema's journey

Pema's disability excluded her from one of the communities she cherished most - her church. INF Self Help Groups became aware of her need and have stepped up to ensure she can join them for worship.

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Increased aid to Nepal

The Government committed to increase aid to Nepal in the 9 May Budget The 2023 Federal Budget, handed down on 9 May, delivered a small overall increase in Australia's aid to Nepal from $26.6 million to $27.2 million. Australia's overall budget for international…

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Praying in Nepal

On a cool morning in Nepalgunj, Nepal, a rooftop building hums with voices. Old, young and everywhere in between, the air is filled with the sound of Nepalis calling out to the God who has promised to listen. To stand in the midst of this pryaing community…

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Together, we can do anything

If you've ever wondered how Nepali families make ends meet in difficult times, meet Mena.

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