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Bajura Earthquake Emergency

An INFA staff member has been tragically killed in Bajura region after a magnitude 5.9 earthquake.

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Baby Girl born during Birth Centre Inauguration

Two big events on Jan 8 in West Rukum - the inauguration of the Birth Centre in a temporary facility and the birth of a baby girl!

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Absara gardening

Self Help Groups - the magic ingredient in Kalikot

People in Kalikot are creative and determined. Working together in Self Help Groups, they're creating concrete change for good.

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Why I'm still flying in Nepal

In the aftermath of the country's most deadly air crash in thirty years, how do we make decisions about flying in Nepal? What kind of responses honour grief but also provide hope?

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Good help is hard to find

Santosh grew up in remote communities in Nepal. Drawing on his current work as one of INFA's international Project Officers, he shares what he's learnt about helping communities lead from their strengths and learning from local people.

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We're building the Birthing Centre!

We asked you to help our partners build a birth centre in one of Nepal's most remote areas - here's what we're achieving together!

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Power and Poverty

The magi are revered - wisemen, sorcerers, astrologers. But what special qualities do we need to lay our gifts before a King?

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Mess and the Messiah

In the aftermath of Christmas, with all its mess and mixed feelings, the Messiah can be found.

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Songs of Grace and Salvation

The first in a series reflecting on grace, redemption, the power of voice and the gifts of Christmas.

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Journeys: from Nepal to Australia

As a teenager, Kritika walked two hours a day to attend university while teaching in a local school. She now lives in Australia.

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Three reasons charities don't 'send every dollar to Africa'

We all want to see our charitable donations used for maximum impact. Sometimes the idea that 'every dollar goes to Africa' (or Nepal... or the Surf Life Saving Club) seems very attractive! There are three good reasons why most organisations don’t generally…

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What do communities really need?

Our partners go door to door talking to community members to find out their challenges and hopes for transformation.

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