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Praying in Nepal

On a cool morning in Nepalgunj, Nepal, a rooftop building hums with voices. Old, young and everywhere in between, the air is filled with the sound of Nepalis calling out to the God who has promised to listen. To stand in the midst of this pryaing community…

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Together, we can do anything

If you've ever wondered how Nepali families make ends meet in difficult times, meet Mena.

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The rise of mobiles in Nepal

There are more mobile phone users registered in Nepal than there are people. How and why?

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Rooftop Worship

Ramesh first heard the gospel while he was working as a trekking guide in the Annapurnas. He's now the minister of a thriving congregation in Nepalgunj.

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Blessed to be a blessing

"Me and my brother always used to say that we are getting support today, but we will give support in the future, and as of now we are trying our best and always looking forward to giving back to the community."

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Leprosy: Healing & Hope

Many of us grew up reading stories that felt long ago and far away about lepers and their exclusion from community life. For Ramesh, those stories are all too real. Growing up in Humla, in remote western Nepal, Ramesh worked as a labourer and was married…

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Bible Beyond Borders

This Easter, INF Australia is pioneering a project to bring Nepalis and Australians together to read the Bible in fresh and challenging ways. Bible Beyond Borders is a series of online gatherings to reflect on stories from the Gospels. INF Australia CEO,…

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Bajura Earthquake Emergency

At least one person has died after a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck Bajura in Western Nepal.

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Baby Girl born during Birth Centre Inauguration

Two big events on Jan 8 in West Rukum - the inauguration of the Birth Centre in a temporary facility and the birth of a baby girl!

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Absara gardening

Self Help Groups - the magic ingredient in Kalikot

People in Kalikot are creative and determined. Working together in Self Help Groups, they're creating concrete change for good.

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Why I'm still flying in Nepal

In the aftermath of the country's most deadly air crash in thirty years, how do we make decisions about flying in Nepal? What kind of responses honour grief but also provide hope?

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Good help is hard to find

Santosh grew up in remote communities in Nepal. Drawing on his current work as one of INFA's international Project Officers, he shares what he's learnt about helping communities lead from their strengths and learning from local people.

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