Baby Girl born during Birth Centre Inauguration

West Rukum's new centre is operating from a temporary facility

By Cath Taylor

Published 24 Jan 2023

In some fantatic news from West Rukum, the new Birth Centre in Aathbiskot was inaugurated on January 8 by local dignitaries, medical staff and project partners.

It was an important event for the community but an even bigger occasion for one young woman, Mrs B, who gave birth during the ceremony.

The baby girl was delivered safely by medical staff on site for the opening and Mrs B expressed her extreme gratitude for their quick action. 

Mrs B immediately prior to the delivery
A baby girl, 3.5kg in weight, is delivered
Dignitaries support Mrs B before the birth

PR Sharma from Shanti Nepal, INF Australia's partner in the region, said the opening was a dream come true for local people.

"They couldn't believe it was really happening - it's such a remote area," he told us.

"The project is a partnership with the local government, a number of NGO's and Shanti Nepal with INFA funding. This meant we could proceed with the service in a temporary facility until the Birthing Centre is built."

International Nepal Fellowship Australia supporters contributed in record numbers over Christmas to the funding of the Centre, catching a vision of what it means to families to have a safe place to bring new lives into the world.

The official Birth Centre will take up to twelve months to build due to the extremely remote area in which its located; in the meantime new staff are being trained to deliver babies in a building nearby. 

Opening speech given by staff from the regional hospital
Cutting of the ribbon to open the temporary facility

Thanks so much for your commitment to this project in prayer and giving.

UPDATE: As of January 24, 2023, your gifts have helped us provide:


Birth Centre target


Health Services target


Water/Sanitation target