Bajura Earthquake Emergency

At least one person has been killed and 250 homes destroyed. Image Kathmandu Post

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck Bajura, in Western Nepal on 24th January.

The effects are devastating for the whole community, with at least 250 houses completely or partially destroyed and many people injured.

Tragically, at least one person was killed in the quake. Several members of INF Nepal's community team in Bajura are also currently unaccounted for, as the earthquake has cut off communications in the area.

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INF was able to distribute relief items in the aftermath and is coordinating with local authorities for relief and rescue. INF has mobilised a response team, but heavy rainfall and snow in the region is severely restricting their movement and creating danger and difficulty for families affected by the earthquake.

We hold all those affected by this terrible disaster in our prayers and are working to ensure that we save and assist as many people as possible.

Please join with us to support those affected by the earthquake.

Your donation of any amount will be used to support:

  • the deployment of the response team
  • costs of emergency relief supplies
  • medical treatment and support for people injured in the quake
  • rebuilding and repair of damaged homes
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