Bible Beyond Borders

This Easter, INF Australia is pioneering a project to bring Nepalis and Australians together to read the Bible in fresh and challenging ways. Bible Beyond Borders is a series of online gatherings to reflect on stories from the Gospels.

INF Australia CEO, Ben Thurley, reflects on the inspiration behind the project. 

"In Nepal, just like in the Bible, there are shrines atop hills and statues of gods in marketplaces. People toil for their daily bread. Leprosy still scars and stigmatises people. Farmers separate their sheep and their goats and plough rocky fields with oxen. Purity rituals are part of everyday life, setting boundaries about who you can eat with and who you can't eat with. Believers gather in vibrant, but sometimes pressured and persecuted, churches."

"It's a very different context, of course, but the New Testament context can feel very close to the everyday lives and challenges of many people in Nepal in a way that a lot of us comfortable Australian Christians can miss. I think that reading the Bible alongside Nepalese Christians will really inspire and challenge us to read the Gospels with fresh eyes and open hearts."

Ben will join with Ramesh Regmi – the pastor of  Smyrna Missionary Church – and Prema Roka Regmi – the project manager for Milap (one of INF Australia's partner organisations in Nepal and the community service arm of Smyrna Church) – to read and reflect on scripture together over three evenings leading up to Easter.

  • 8pm – Monday 20 March


  • 8pm - Monday 27 March


  • 8pm – Monday 3 April

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