Lending professional support in Nepal: Peter and Caryn Kneale

By Cath Taylor

Published 3 Aug 2022

Thirty five years ago, Caryn Kneale says, a seed was planted in her heart: to serve as a dietician among the people of Nepal.

Fast forward to July 2022, when Caryn and her husband Peter are preparing to leave their home and families to relocate to Pokhara, Western Nepal.

“It really is a big move for us both,” Caryn concedes. “But we believe it’s God’s call and we’re ready to serve.”

Since Caryn first felt an interest in working in Nepal, she and Peter have built successful careers in the health and education sectors in Australia. Now they’re ready for a challenge that has been a long time in the making.

“I’ve been to Nepal twice, but for Peter the first exposure was on our visit last month with INF Australia to meet partners and see projects around the country,” Caryn says. “While we certainly know there will be challenges, the visit consolidated for us that this is a good decision.”

Nepal has made great strides toward improving medical access and healthcare, but there’s still a need for expert training and service within the community.

The criteria for allowing foreign experts into the country is strict – positions are only available to those who have relevant Masters degrees, and only when a suitable candidate can’t be found locally.

Both Peter and Caryn, fortuitously, have the required qualifications. Peter, a retired school teacher, will teach at a local ex-pat school in Pokhara. Caryn will serve in Green Pasture’s Hospital and an outreach clinic, both with excellent track records providing high quality care for those who can afford it least.

Caryn’s specialty is diabetes and she hopes to learn enough language to be of assistance not only to English speaking staff, but to their patients. Peter, meanwhile, will be teaching the children of other ex-pat professionals, and looks forward to his role.

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