Blessed to be a blessing

By Neriyes Pandey Chhetri

Published 10 Mar 2023

My name is Neriyes Pandey Chhetri. I was born in a small town in Nepal, named Daldale, which is in western region. I feel privileged to be born in a Christian family.
My father, mother and younger brother including me lived in a joint family with my grandparents and uncles, but later we moved from joint family as it was getting bigger after my uncles got married.

Neriyes' extended family celebrate a birthday when Neriyes was a child

My parents have given their life in the ministry, and we had a small stationary shop from where my father used to make our living. It was hard to fulfill our basic needs through that small shop but by the grace of our Lord everything was sufficient.

Since my school days, me and my brother were being supported by an international aid organisation. Although the amount was small, the help was very big. This organisation helped us till our college days.


I am very thankful that God gave us supporters, me and my brother always used to say that we are getting support today, but we will give support in the future, and as of now we are trying our best and always looking forward to giving back to the community.

My father has always been my great inspiration. He is a very kind, positive, and humble person. 

He does not have a good income source, but he is always giving and helping the community. He is pastor, who not only looks after church but everyone in the community.
I still remember the number of times he used to bring deaf, blind, and helpless people into our house and my mother used to look after them. If anyone came to him and asked him for help, he would always help them. There was always someone in our house who was getting help with their study until they got settled and there still is. I think because of the way he was always walking in the presence of God and reflecting God’s image to everyone has inspired us to be an example of Jesus Christ.

Neriyes married her husband in Kathmandu.

Journey to Australia

When I began a Bachelor of Computer Application I got married with my husband in Kathmandu and I could not get transfer from my college, so I had to drop out. I never ever thought that someday I would be able to come to Australia. I still remember my friends saying that in the future they would go to Australia for their further study, and I used to think I could never afford to continue my study because the college fee is too expensive in Nepal.
My husband got his visa to study Masters in IT in 2016 and I came with him on a dependent visa. My husband insisted that I continue my study after his graduation, but I was scared because I had a study gap of 4 years. I am so thankful I joined Bachelor in Applied Social Science community service in Torrens University. Australia has taught me to be strong, independent, and confident.
Currently I am doing my placement with International Nepal Fellowship Australia (INF), and I am happy and thankful that I am getting to learn so much about the work that INFA is doing for the community in Nepal. I am sure there are so many people who are appreciating the help and are thinking about giving back to the community when they improve their livelihood.
My brother has opened an organisation with his friends to support an underprivileged community in western region focusing to improve health and education of every child and I am learning my way to help him professionally and skilfully with my experience which I will gain from INFA.
I am very amazed by the support that Australia is giving to all the poor and disadvantaged people in Nepal.

I am amazed to see everyone in the office how much love they have for Nepal, and I am so inspired to help my community more in anyway way I can.

- Neriyes

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