Pankh and the power of 287

By Cath Taylor

Published 18 Oct 2022

Pankh Bohora with a chicken

One year ago, Pankh Bohora was given a loan.  

He lives in a remote community in Western Nepal where more than half the population survives on less than 50c a day.

The loan was pulled together by fellow members of his community Self Help Group. At each meeting, members contribute a small amount toward a fund that can be used as a loan for members; it’s supplemented by International Nepal Fellowship.

The amount?  AUD $287.00.

Pankh was chosen by his group to receive the loan because in spite of his best efforts as the owner of a small market stall, he was really struggling to meet the needs of his family of eight.

“There are no employment opportunities in my village and many people leave to find work in India,” he says.

“My small shop met some of our family needs, but not enough. I joined the Self Help Group very eagerly, but I didn’t know what a big impact it would have.”

Pankh invested his loan into chickens. He bought a flock and took part in livestock breeding and small business training offered by INF through their local project coordinators. 

But at first, things went badly.

“Some of my chickens died, even though I cared for them very well,” Pankh says. “But I did not give up hope and continued to raise them with perseverance.”

Within a season, the tide had turned.

“Now I am earning NRs 20,000-25,000 (AUD $230-287) per season,” Pankh says. 

“I have been able to repay the revolving fund taken from the group as the poultry farming is running well. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the work done by INF Nepal for our communities and people, and I plan to expand this business in its own right.”

Here’s what A$287, Pankh’s hard work and the support of INF have delivered for Pankh’s whole family:

  • Education, improved health and hope for Pankh’s daughters, whose continued education will mean delayed onset of marriage, fewer unplanned pregnancies and the ability to help shape the next generation as well as start their own small businesses
  • Opportunities to create a livelihood close to home for Pankh’s sons, who would otherwise leave the area to find work and send home money from across the border
  • Earning capacity and leadership opportunities for Pankh’s wife, who has joined a Self Help Group and become a role model for others
  • Best yet, the loan has been repaid and will be extended to another member of the group. 

This is the power of 287.

If you’d like to help support a life changing loan of $287 for someone who’ll make great use of it, please visit us at our Walk For Nepal page.  This event is helping support specific goals the people of Kalikot have set for their community for the coming year.