Pray with us in September

For Your Prayers…


Give thanks for the successful visit of INF Australia’s International Programs Manager Russ Hancock, with whom WACT was able to share stories of their work and a vision for the future. Russ also travelled to spend time with child and adolescent groups where he met a number of young people who have returned to the group as leaders. They told Russ they wanted to help train others in the kinds of life skills that they had personally found valuable as members of the group.

WACT is attempting to complete some of their activities by the end of September and have found local elections disruptive. They also seek prayer for regular rainfall as they come to the end of the monsoon season. Severe flooding devastated communities last year.

Shanti Nepal

Give thanks for the visit by Russ Hancock, International Programs Manager INF Australia to Shanti Nepal. It was a time of sharing information and encouragement together.

Give thanks also for a fruitful meeting with the Chief Minister of Bagmati Province. Shanti has finalised and submitted our Annual project report to our funding partners, which provides security for the coming year.

Please pray that funds will be allocated by local municipalities in the agreed amounts by the agreed deadlines – this is proving to be something of a challenge. Both federal and provincial elections have also disrupted some of the projects, meaning it will be difficult to complete them on time.

INF Australia

Give thanks for our Celebrate Nepal event on September 17 in Sydney. We launched our advocacy action at this event as well as provided opportunities for people to fellowship together and learn more from our partners in Nepal.

Thank God for two new recruitments to help out in Australia – a new Office Coordinator and Company Secretary. Pray that the new staff and advisor will settle in well to support the work of INF Australia.

 Give thanks that Caryn and Peter Kneale have now arrived in Pokhara and are preparing for orientation and language training. Ask God to give them energy and plenty of people to support them as they adjust to their new roles and home.


Give thanks for time spent with INF Australia’s International Programs Manager, Russ Hancock, who met with MILAP staff and government officials in the field. MILAP Executive Director, Mr Rajendra Bdr Sunar, also attended Community Driven Development training in Bala Vikasa India for two weeks. The experience was extremely helpful in planning MILAP’s activities for the next six months.

MILAP gives thanks for the marriage of Mr Rajendra Bdr Sunar who will wed Kristina Prithi on the September 7 and asks that we pray for his married life. Please pray for the newly elected Executive Board under the leadership of Pastor Ramesh Raj Regmi, Chairperson of Milap. Pray for wisdom and compassion, especially as MILAP deals with the inability of their staff to visit in the field due to damaged roads and intense rainfall.


Give thanks for the opening of a new mother and child care facility at Green Pastures Hospital (GPH). This on-site facility will help the working mothers at GPH who wish to bring their babies to work.

Please pray for the ongoing planning and preparation for the celebration of INF’s 70 years of service in Nepal. The decision to operate a rehabilitation service in Shining Hospital INF Nepal Surkhet has been made.

Please pray for the planning of the activities, human resources and funding availability. Give thanks for the visas that are available for expat volunteers – this really is an amazing blessing and opportunity to strengthen the capacity of INF with expertise in a range of technical areas. Please pray for those waiting for their applications to be processed, including the teachers who are urgently needed for the next academic year at the Pokhara Study Centre.