Our story

Established in 1952, International Nepal Fellowship (INF) is Nepal’s longest-serving international NGO.

Our vision? Life in all its fullness for the people of Nepal.

We began in the 1930s, when pioneering medics Dr. Lily O’Hanlon and Hilda Steel began medical work among Nepali people living on the Nepal-India border. Here they faithfully waited and prayed that one day they would be able to work in Nepal, which at the time was a closed and secretive Hindu Kingdom.

When Nepal opened up in 1952, a small group of medical missionaries including Lily and Hilda together with some Nepali friends walked north from the Indian border to the Pokhara valley. With the permission of the Nepali Government, they set up a clinic and a few years later the ‘Shining Hospital’ was established – the first hospital in the west of Nepal and the beginning of INF as we know it today.

Since its humble beginnings INF has grown to be an organisation recognised for its approaches to community health and empowerment. Since 1954 INF has established further hospitals and clinics across the West and Mid-Western Regions of Nepal. New community-led programs, particularly supporting women, people with disabilities and marginalised groups and communities, have also been at the core of INF’s work since the 1980s.

INF Australia was formed in 1961 by Australian supporters of INF. We exist to support and share the work of INF in Nepal and a small number of other Christian partner organisations.

As well as helping bring life through prayer and funding, INF Australia has sent and supported many Australians to serve in training and support roles alongside Nepali counterparts. These include doctors, nurses, teachers and organisational and community development specialists.