Invite a speaker

INF Australia speakers have a deep love for Nepal.

We invite you to hear more about the transformative work that inspires us every day, and to consider ways you can be part of it. 

Noami speaking


We can provide reflection on:

  • The need and context of development in Nepal
  • Strengths of the local community and emerging transformative community work
  • Principles and practice of Christian community development
  • Poverty and injustice
  • Modern slavery and human trafficking
  • Care for creation and climate change

Contact us to book a speaker, preacher or workshop leader.


A Session of Seasons being run


INF Australia’s simulation games are an engaging, hands-on way for groups to explore global issues and develop cross-cultural understanding. Our Coordinators can help people decide how to respond to what they learn.

  • Seasons is an intense and highly interactive simulation that puts students in the shoes of Nepali villagers.
  • Life Auction is a fun, thought-provoking and fast-paced game guaranteed to kickstart discussion on justice and global poverty.
  • More simulations being developed…