INF Australia takes all complaints very seriously. Both in the programs we support in Nepal and our work in Australia, we are committed to child protection and the safeguarding of vulnerable people. We have zero tolerance for child abuse, sexual exploitation and abuse, and any form of bullying or harassment.

If you have concerns or concrete allegations about any aspect of our work, we welcome your feedback. If you are able to provide contact details, it will help us to follow up on your concerns. However, if you wish to remain anonymous, we will of course respect that.

The following policies govern our handling of complaints and allegations of misconduct:

By using the form below, you will generate an email to the INF Australia office manager, INF Australia CEO and the Chair of INF Australia’s Board. Each of these three people have a responsibility, as outlined in our policies, to address complaints.

For further information on ways to raise a concern or complaint, please contact our office on +61 2 9411 1195 or [email protected]